Lasting Impact of Diet Culture

The significance of diet culture and patriarchal values within the early 2000s cannot be understated. The frequency of ads portraying ultra-thin women showcasing clothing made only to fit their body type in addition to the cultural ideals of what a woman “should” look like heavily influenced the women of that period. It left a large amount of women with body image issues, disordered eating habits, and eating disorders. This impact is seen in the uptick of hospitalizations for eating disorders during the early years of the 2000s as well as the nuanced discussions occurring which detail the struggles that young woman faced then, and frankly still face today. The diet culture of the early 2000s has not completely disappeared nor have the patriarchal ideals of what a woman should look like. There are however many more efforts to include women of all shapes and sizes in the media as well as a social movement which looks to counter diet culture directly.

Despite the move away from the toxic early 2000s culture, there are still young girls affected by similar factors.

Through the historical study of diet culture and unhealthy values that can govern women’s view of themselves, there is hope to break away from diet culture. But only through the examination of the toxicity of it can the cycle be broken.